Eco Valley Retreat

Eco Valley Retreat

Eco Valley Retreat


The specialty at our location is the partially open Fairy-Style Dormitory at the Leafty Lodge, with up to 24 beds, self-service kitchens, barbecue, seating, and greenery picnic areas surrounding the dormitory building. It is a perfect sleep-close-to-nature for your peace-of-mind. On the other hand, we also offer 7 private rooms, and a 6 acres campsite that accommodates up to 200 persons; which is the best festival location in town.

Private Room at Country Lodge Reception

Private Room at Sunset Lodge

Fairy-style Dormitory



Large camp field with stunning sunset and valley view 200 capacity

RM 50/Pax


At Eco Valley Retreat(EVR), we create an environment for body, mind and soul healing surrounding the ideas not only limit to camping, campfire, yoga or meditation, sunrise watch or stargazing; but also our enriched tropicana fruits that range from Rambutan, Durian, Avocado, Jackfruit, Pineapple, Starfruits, Mango etc. These goodies are being sold at the retreat as you check-in (depends on season). We also provide refreshment and FREE fruit-tasting at times. Our location is located on top of a mountain at 281 meters height; with stunning 360 valley views of the Balung Town and the Celebes Sea that is shared between Borneo Island, Philippines and Indonesia. Some days are breezy, at times, it is filled with mighty clouds that cleanse over our aura.


Unlike a luxury resort, a Retreat is a place which promotes unity, humanity, oneness and harmony through gathered and solitary activities. As much as we respect human rights, without many servants or laborers while letting all rate at very affordable and reasonable, to serve as many class range as possible, we encourage our guests to bring their own foods and ingredients to enjoy making meals and practice survivalism with the loved ones at whether or not in our shared kitchens, pantries or campsite.





Pit Runs with Gas and Electricity + Grilling Tools (Use Under Roof Only)


/4 Hours (12:30PM - 8:30PM)

Media Room

TV Room with HDMI & DVD player, harmonize with cozy bare walls and lounge sofas for your team/group events.



Camping Tent & Table Chair Set

Include a 2x2 ground mat, 1 Foldable table and 2 chairs under a 3x3 flysheet. (*Self-setup by guest w/a Refundable RM100 Cash Deposit | 8 sets available | Setup/Tear Down/Spot Changing Labor Fee at RM 10 Per Time)




Orchard Hike with Private Tour Guide

2 to 10 persons group + Fruits Plucking & Tasting (Depending On Season)



Morning Sunrise Yoga with Instructor

Minimum 10 persons to initiate class | Sunday 7:30am at Campsite Christmas Tree Zone (Outdoor) or Leafty Lodge (Indoor)


Enjoy complimentary refreshing herbal drinks and have a taste of our very own home-grown fruits as you check-in at our reception(Country Lodge).


Contact our travel partner for an all-rounded travel arrangement service between Tawau and Semporna at 016 8100 966. (Tour Bus, Car Rental, Hotels, Island Stay & Boats, Local Markets, Conservative Parks & Attractions etc.) *Please note that this is a division apart from our retreat.

Snack Bar

Need more than just a little refreshment and fruit bites? No worries, we always have something more; cupcakes made with our very own durian or even the whole fresh fruits itself from our farms are always selling at our reception.

Location Map

Eco Valley Retreat is located on top of a mountain, situated between Tawau Airport and Semporna. Entering from the Ecology Plantation Sdn Bhd.